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Figure out the blog website later

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The most pragmatic way to start a blog I've ever seen

I saw something yesterday on Twitter that I just truly loved. Brooks Lybrand (currently dev-rel at Remix) wrote that they’re starting a blog, and did the coolest thing — they just… started publishing .md files to Github.

I’d have to guess they’re not the first person to take this approach, but I love the pragmatism of this. Nearly every developer “starts a blog”. Sometimes it doesn’t end up being a lasting endeavor, which is fine. But like, if you think you want to start a blog, just start writing. If you keep it up long enough you’ll want to invest the time to build a website for it, and then when you launch it won’t feel like an empty shell of a website. If you don’t keep writing, at least you didn’t spend a bunch of time building it (not to discount the learning that takes place in the process).

I didn’t do this, but I wish I had. It’ll be my advice going forward!

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