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Loading fonts via web component

โ€ข ~1 min read

Spice up your markdown blog posts with google-font

I made a silly little <google-font> web component to load fonts from Google Fonts, I think itโ€™s kinda fun.

See the Pen google-font web component by Kevin Kipp (@third774) on CodePen.

Use it in markdown? #

In Jake Lazaroffโ€™s article Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework he says:

But Markdown has a secret weapon: you can write HTML inside of it! That means any fancy interactive diagrams I wanted to add would be just as portable as my the rest of my Markdown as long as I could express them as plain HTML tags.

This got me thinking โ€”ย dang, I could use this in my markdown files to spice things up a bit!

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