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A new page & RSS feed where I'll be sharing interesting links

For a little while now, I’ve been wanting to set up a page and RSS feed where I can share links, kinda similar to Jeremy Keith’s links page. Until now, I’ve mostly been using Astro’s content collections to manage my /blog and /wish pages, which has worked out nicely.

I didn’t want to use content collections just for sharing a link, though. That felt like too much friction. I wanted to be able to make a Raycast extension for myself to quickly share a link, maybe with an optional remark about it.

In order to do this, I was going to need an API with a database. Since I work at Cloudflare I generally try to use it as much as possible, so I knew I wanted to use D1, and have been hearing good things about Drizzle, so I figured I’d give that a go. I plan on writing up a guide on how I set everything up, but for now…

Check out the new page over at /shared

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